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3 7/8 '' 3-Flügel-Step-Drag-Bits


Three wings step drag bits


3 wings step drag bits



2 to 17 1/2 inch

50.8 to 444.5mm


   Three wings step drag bits are one piece construction of alloy steel cast with tungsten carbide cutting tips and gauge sides to ensure longer life. It has 3 wings and 3 flushing holes. Compared with 4 wings, 3 wings step drag bits tend to drill faster and aggressive, whereas, are shorter lasting and less durable.3 wings step style drag bits will produce larger cuttings force than chevron style drag bit. Rotary table speed ofstep drag bits should be between 60 and 80 rpm with light weight on bit (WOB).

Three wings step drag bits are economical tools when drilling softer geological formations and shallower depths, they are primarilydesigned for soft tomedium formations, such as Clay, Loam, Silt ,Mostsoft-to-medium soilsthat have some moisture, etc. And also step drag bits are recommended for drilling in Mining, Exploration, Environmental, Water well, Geo Exchange, etc.


   Note: The diameter and thread showed as above are usual size, other sizes are available upon request.

Thread size: 2 3/8'' API Reg, 2 7/8'' API Reg, 3 1/2'' API Reg, 4 1/2'' API Reg, 6 5/8'' API Reg, 2'' API IF, 2 3/8'' API IF, 2 7/8'' API IF, A Rod, N Rod, AW, BW, NW, AWJ, BWJ, NWJ.



1, A solid one piece heat treated, 4140 alloy steel body for bit strength & durability;

2, CNC threaded machining for proper installation &use;

3, Forgings are milled to better seat the carbide inserts.

4, Select tungsten carbide inserts 5.5mm thick are standard.

5, Relief ist hinter den Hartmetalleinsätzen für maximale Leistung Handgelände.


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